Goals and why we should write them down.

Looks like it’s that time of year again where one looks back and reflects one’s accomplishments of the past year. Did 2011 provide you with joyful memories and everlasting experiences that will forever be etched in your brain? I think that’s what motivated me to set goals. I was always tired of looking back and seeing that I had nothing to show for, nothing accomplished for the whole year.  I made sure I had achieved memorable ones like traveling to Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year. I had planned and saved for months to be able to go during that time and sure enough that was the best and most fulfilling experience I’ve ever had. Period. Nothing prepared me for the sights, sounds and tastes of what must have been months of preparation for that city. I had a bucket list moment when I witnessed the fire works in the Hong Kong harbour and THAT was truly breathtaking!  I didn’t know you could shape fire works into objects like rabbits (it was the year of the Rabbit), letters and numbers. It’s those types of moments that I feel would not have happened if I did not set a goal to do it. Now don’t get me wrong, some of my goals were accomplished by chance and were not planned. An opportunity would arise and I would jump on it as I knew I may never get another chance. Those are sometimes the best ones too. I was watching Man vs. Food a week before I was in Chicago and I remembered the host mentioning that the city is famous for two culinary things: Deep Dish Pizza and Hot Beef Sandwiches. I quickly asked the bus tour guide where’s a good place to eat these famous items and blam, Portillo’s and Giordano’s came into my life and the rest is blog history.

Before this blog I was actually writing my goals down on paper. I find it helps to keep you on track throughout the year. I would carry that piece of paper with me and I would check on it every so often to see where I was at.  I couldn’t trust my memory to remember all my goals so writing it down or typing it in my phone/computer was a good practice. It really doesn’t matter how many goals you create, it’s accomplishing them is what’s important. So try to be realistic. You can also group them into different time categories such as 100 days, 1 year or even 5 -10 year goals. The future always looks brighter when you set your sights on achieving your goals. 

Here are a few of my 2012 goals. If I accomplish any of these and others I will post a picture. Some are zany and some are more of a challenge but that’s what motivates me as well, a good challenge. So good luck with your goals and hope to hear from you at the end of 2012!

Do the CN Tower Edgewalk for my birthday

Ride a Segway

Ice skate at the Rockefeller Center during Christmas

Volunteer at a soup kitchen on a holiday

Enter a contest and win!

Set up a lemonade stand with my nephew

Travel to Japan to witness the Cherry Blossom Festival





  1. Fantastic post. I’m at present working with a few of these challenges too.

    • It’s great to hear that you’re working on your own personal goals 🙂 I wish you the best of luck!

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