Chicago dining experience: The deep dish pizza

Continuing from Chicago dining experience here is the third food item Chicago is best known for which is the deep dish pizza. At our hotel in downtown Chicago (The Embassy Suites Chicago – 600 North State Street 1-312-943-3800) the concierge (travel tip: ask locals – they know what they’re talking about) told us the best and most famous deep dish pizza joint was called Giordano’s (730 North Rush Street, Chicago – (312) 951-0747)

When we got there around 8pm the place was packed! Getting a seat was a 2 hour wait so we decided on getting take-out instead.  Even getting take-out we had to wait 35 minutes because there was a huge line up for orders plus the pizza took awhile to cook since they’re about 2 inches thick and weigh on average of about 3 lbs! 

We decided on The Special which consisted of sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and onions and a plain cheese for my vegetarian girlfriend.  After a 35 minute wait and a 10 minute trek back to the hotel, I FINALLY had my Chicago style deep dish pizza! If you can believe it I’ve been waiting a whole year to try this pizza…last year I came to Chicago I missed out on eating this gooey cheesy delight because I was in a massive lineup for another Chicago delicacy – Garrett’s Popcorn Shop (625 N. Michigan Avenue).  As a result I could not get over Giordano’s in time before my tour bus was heading back to Toronto.  I was so disappointed but vowed to return…

So you can imagine my excitement in finally getting this beautiful pie and biting into the layers of sauce, meat, veggies and crust…it was well worth the wait! The pizza is so thick yet surprising not doughy. The sauce is what makes the pizza and at Giordano’s they do it right! Not tangy, slightly sweet and tons of ingredients stuffed into the pie, it’s no wonder it weighed that much. You could easily eat it with a knife and fork but since we forgot to get utensils we used our hands. Luckily for us the pizza held together.  

It’s amusing that everyone raves about New York but don’t underestimate the architecture, culture and especially the food scene over in Chicago, it is vibrant and rocking. I’m sure there are other great Chicago dining experiences that I haven’t found yet but rest assured I will be definitely be back to seek them out!



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