Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | February 16, 2013

Hong Kong Adventures Year 3!

Well it looks like I’m off to Hong Kong as well as Japan this April. This will be my 3rd time visiting this amazing metropolis which I can’t seem to get enough of it! It’s become my home away from home. After spending 2 weeks in Tokyo we grab a 5 hour flight from Narita airport and land in Hong Kong on April 11th and then we chill for another 10 days.

hong kong harborThis time around we plan on visiting places I didn’t quite get to the last 2 times but  I will also be going back to my favourites like riding the Star Ferry or going up to the Peak. I just love doing both of these because it’s just about relaxing and enjoying the view. The ferry ride seems insignificant to the locals who use this form of transportation every day but for visitors like myself, it feels like time stops and everything goes into cruise control. Seeing the Hong Kong skyline is awesome but it’s even more spectacular if you can ride it during the night. The colours reflecting of the water and bouncing into your eyes is quite199912_10150122216277197_558811_n extraordinary and should not be missed. Bonus there is a laser light show every night at 8pm! When I visit the Peak we just grab a table at the outdoor patio, grab a snack and people watch or absorb the great view of the sky line and harbour for hours. It’s breath-taking and totally relaxing at the same time. I can’t get enough of those places and if you are EVER in  Hong Kong those two places are a must. No need to goto the wax museum or eat at those touristy places but if you haven’t been…well go at least once ; )

As for new and exciting places to go, I recently watched a TV show called Layover: Hong Kong by Anthony Bourdain and he visited an island off the coast of  Hong Kong called Lama Island. Apparently they have great beaches (yes I said beaches) and seafood restaurants. So naturally I will definitely check it out! My  last trip we went to Sai Kung district for some fresh seafood (you can literally pick your dinner lobster lunchfrom giant tanks in front of you) and it was the best seafood I have ever tasted so I’m hoping for the same taste thrill once I get to Lama Island. Also on that show Mr. Bourdain visited the cheapest 1 Michelin star restaurant inIMG_20121216_130639 the world called Tim Ho Wan and they do nothing but dim sum and according to the locals they do it better than everyone else….sold! Well for all the Canadian expats that will read this I will be trying to track down a shop that serves coffee and bagels from a popular coffee chain in Canada called Tim Horton’s. Now bagels and coffee for breakfast in Hong Kong is probably a new and unusual thing for them but that’s what I love about this city. These people love to experiment with their food and are willing to line up for hours just to sample it (check out Japan’s  Butao noodle shop and you will know what I mean when I say they are not afraid to line up!) Oh and one more thing I’ve always wanted to do was to take the Ding Ding Tram (a streetcar system that’s been around since 1904) from one end of the city to the other. It’s super cheap as a one way fare is like 50 cents (CDN)! The best part is you can sit, high above in a double decker and watch the citizens of Hong Kong rush through life at break neck speeds and all the while marvel at the sights, smells and sounds of this megacity at your leisure.

As Confucius once said: “A path to ultimate enlightenment is through Hong Kong…” okay I made that up but you get the picture, Hong Kong is a place to Live It and Love It! Now that statement was from the tourism board of Hong Kong for real! Stay tuned folks as my adventure begins in 2 days!!!!



  1. Awww did we miss you?! It would have been lovely to have caught up for a coffee when you were in Hong Kong 😦

    • yeah sorry about that…looks like you guys are having a good ole time over there.

      • Totally! If you’re back over this way, let us know 🙂

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