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The Future Looks Bright! Goals for 2013!


Well it’s that time of year again, you know making those memorable New Year’s Eve resolutions….Does this ring a bell? “I promise to lose weight/quit smoking/gonna excercise more….blah blah blah”.  Such boring and uninspiring goals. Have more creativity in setting your sights on a goal. Instead of saying I’m gonna exercise – how about I’m gonna run in a 5K marathon this year. Also a good tip: try to write it down somewhere. Post it on your fridge so you see it every morning or on your vanity mirror as you apply makeup.  This will motivate you to accomplish this as it will be a daily reminder to plan it out and not to forget about it.  Another good tip is to keep the goals reasonable. Too many may be difficult to accomplish in a year as we all have other daily responsibilities in life. For me personally, I like to have goals so that I can look back on the year and say, you know what I accomplished things that I set out to accomplish! It’s a great feeling and I highly recommend it. Don’t get me wrong, I was a skeptic in the beginning. My friend, Manny would ask every year what did I accomplish this year? Did I do anything exciting? Was it a good year? Majority of the time it was just mediocre at best. No trips, no exploring other cultures, countries or seeing the world. No financial goals or moments of inspiration or joy. Just basically swiping in and swiping out of the daily grind of my life. I don’t know about you but I could not stand another minute of this.  I understand there are obstacles/excuses you can come up with to block any attempt to set goals. I should know as I have tried. Eventually you get past that and see that life is very short and regrets can not be easily brushed aside like an after thought. It will come back to either haunt you or change you. Only you can decide if you want to change.

 Now I make it an effort every year to sit down and write out my goals. This year is no exception! Here are my goals for 2013. I hope that I can accomplish all of these, especially the trip to Japan during the Cherry Blossom Festival! That is a bucket list moment : )

1. Go Ice Fishing – never done it before and it sounds like fun!

2. Walk up the CN Tower in support of the World Wildlife Fund – October 10th, 2013

3. Organize a group outing at The Toronto Food Bank

4. Visit Japan during the Cherry Blossom Festival – mid March to early April 2013

       Sub category: witness the cherry blossoms bloom at Ueno Park, goto a Tokyo Giants game, visit Mt. Fuji, witness a

       traditional tea ceremony, visit the largest fish market in the world, eat some deadly blowfish sushi, visit the locals at

      Harajuku, cross at the craziest cross walk in the world (Shinjuku), eat at a crazy themed restaurant and many more

       that will just happen and won’t be planned.

5. Visit Calgary Alberta or Pittsburg Pennsylvania – Why? Why not? Never been to both.

6. Learn to speak Spanish – take the Learning Annex classes.

7. Take up a new hobby – Photography

8. Do something nice, once a month for a year.

9. Do the CN Tower Skywalk on my birthday. That one was pushed over from last year : P

10. Go on a global food odyssey (once a month) at restaurants here in Toronto Canada.

So Happy New Year folks and good luck with your list! I hope you can get started on a good note for the new year and set some goals to get you through 2013. Remember small or big, it doesn’t matter just set some goals (write them down if you can!) and see what it will bring you. 

What goals do you have? Write to me if you can at or at



  1. […] The Future Looks Bright! Goals for 2013! […]

  2. Sounds like you have some fun goals to accomplish in 2013! Happy New Year!

    • Why thank you so much! My bucket list moment is going back to my motherland – which is Japan and to see my family and those beautiful cherry blossoms : ) wish me luck!

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    • thanks! I hope you can continue to read up on my upcoming blogs.

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