Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | December 22, 2012

#26 Acts of Kindness

lampionyI am taking time out of my usual banter of goals and food experiences to take a moment to talk about what occurred 1 week ago. That horrible moment when someone(s) took 20 children and 6 adults away from this world and for what? We may never know and for many, including myself, thought that sense of helplessness was too much for one town to bear. I recently read an article from a reporter named Ann Curry who was in Newtown Connecticut reporting this tragedy. She created an idea that simple stated, what if we all could turn this tragedy into a light of hope by doing acts of kindness to fellow people for every child and adult taken from us that day. (#26Acts ) I thought that was a great and honorable thing to do. So I decided to help this town and this world by showing that in the darkness of evil, a  ray of light can emerge and that we are capable of doing good to each other. Whether it’s taking time to visit your elderly neighbours for a chat, opening the door for someone, shoveling someone’s drive way without asking, buying someone’s coffee that’s behind you at a drive-in or donating your old clothes to charity…it’s all good and that’s what we need to spread! Big or small it’s really the act of doing that counts.

To quote a great man:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. – Dr. Martin Luther King.
It’s something small but from small ideas come great feelings of accomplishment and I’m hoping in times of heartache we can inspire each other to be good and kind-hearted citizens. So let’s see what we can do today and start paying it forward!


  1. […] I wrote down that I would focus on trying to pay it forward as much as possible and be true to the 26 Acts of Kindness that I wrote in a previous post. So here’s the story…a good friend of mine named […]

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