Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | November 12, 2012

Goals for 2012…mission not so accomplished…yet.

Well as the new year is fast approaching I was asked by a friend of mine if I started to think about my goals for 2013. Ahhhh…2013?!  I had a flash back and remembered I had typed in a page called Goals and Why We Should Write Them Down way back in January and had logged my goals for 2012 in it. I though, christ, I didn’t even take a look for such a long time that I wondered…did I accomplish anything? This is why I have to type in my goals down on my phone, computer, blog and even hand write them and place them on my mirror (those ones are my 5 year goals, Ill get to that in a later post) for me to be constantly reminded of what they are. You see I get distracted easily…work, girlfriend, bills and daily life kinda get in the way of me thinking about them. Sadly it looks like I did not accomplish much. Well actually it all depends on how you look at things…here were my goals of 2012:

Do the CN Tower Skywalk on my birthday – not done.

Ride a Segway –  not done.

Ice Skate at the Rockefeller Center – still possible!

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen – still possible!

Enter a Contest and Win – still possible!

Setup a Lemonade Stand with my Nephew – not done.

Travel to Japan to witness the Cherry Blossom Festival – not done.

Well let’s start with the first one and why it wasn’t done this year. You see I planned a trip to Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan in late April to the beginning of May of this year and I am happy to say, mission accomplished on that one! What was even more exciting was the fact that this time around I got to go to Macau. What was so unique about Macau was that I heard there was a tower that you could jump from while strapped to a cable and decelerate from 75 miles per hour to 0 and gently land on an air bag. Well I did that and it was awesome! I highly recommend it! So when I came back from Asia I was presented with the opportunity to do this Skywalk on our own tower called the CN Tower on my birthday day (June) and I was kinda like why? Why would I walk AROUND the tower when I had such a rush FALLING from it! I had thought about not jumping in Macau but the opportunity to do a SkyJump out trumped the Skywalk and I don’t regret doing it. To be perfectly honest I think I upgraded my goal so I don’t feel as bad. I probably would have kicked myself if I didn’t do the jump in Macau. Don’t get me wrong I will eventually try the Skywalk, perhaps when the high from the SkyJump wears off. Possible 2013 goal.

My next goal of riding a Segway was thwarted as I had a brain fart and forgot to book one when I went to Chicago this year! I ate everything in sight and absorbed the Chicago culture that one would think to book something to aid in the exploring part but no, for some reason I didn’t remind myself to book this thing! So it will have to put on the 2013 goal or later depending when I could go again. Fail.

The Ice Skating At The Rockefeller Center is still possible as the winter ice skating season is fast approaching. Now this will be slightly tricky since I spent all my vacation days in Asia and Chicago that this might have to be put on the back burner. However if I can sneak away on the weekend this could still be accomplished. My back up plan if the ice rink at the Rockefeller Center is booked solid, I was told that there are huge lineups just to skate, was the rink that was in the movie Serendipity called the Wollman rink. Apparently it puts you beneath the magical New York skyline in Central Park. I will keep you posted on this.

Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen is still possible. There are plenty of days to do this but I wanted to do it on a holiday.  I missed out  on the Canadian Thanksgiving (on October 8th) as I had to work that day but Christmas is still possible. I shall keep you posted on that one too.

This one sounds silly but I’ve always wanted to enter a food eating contest and seriously try to win but alas my medical history prevents me from doing such things. I had to back out of  a Poutine Eating contest (that’s fries with gravy and cheese curd eating contest) on advice from my doctor.  So I had to modify the goal and try ANY contest. I entered my girlfriend’s dog in a photo contest (Charlie wasn’t selected to make the final rounds and was eliminated) but I still feel I didn’t do this goal justice so I’m still working on that one.

This one I feel very badly about. I was supposed to set up a lemonade stand with my nephew Ethan this summer but due to bad timing we couldn’t get one started. I have a backup plan however and that is to set up a hot chocolate stand in the middle of winter and see if we can drum up some donations for our local animal shelter. Stay tuned on that one.

The last one was to travel to Japan and see the cherry blossoms festival in April. Well this one was just bad timing and airline prices. First, the timing window for me to have vacation was in late April unfortunately the festival and blooming season (its only for a few weeks) would be over in Tokyo (that is where my relatives live). Second, the airline prices to Japan were way too costly. We had to settle for  Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau which cost the same as one direct flight to Japan so the rest was history and I got to have fun in Hong Kong and Taiwan and jump from a tower in Macau. Funny how one missed goal setup another for me.

Well as you can see my goals weren’t perfectly executed but life is never perfect but I still have time to accomplish what I set out to do in 2012. Even if I didn’t accomplish all of the above I did however do a lot of things I wasn’t expecting to accomplish (SkyJump in Macau, eat a gigantic lobster in Sai Kung, eat at the Billy Goat Tavern, etc) .  That’s the great thing about goal setting, sometimes when you least expect it, you may run into a goal or challenge that you never thought of and then take that chance and accomplish it is also a great feeling.

I’ll check back in a couple of months with the results plus I’ll be writing more about my new and exciting goals for 2013!


Did you set out any goals for 2012? Did you accomplished any? I would like to hear about them!


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