Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | September 2, 2012

Second Time to the Second City – Chicago

Well it looks like I’ve got the travel bug again…this time I’m heading out to the good ol’ US of A! Chicago Illinois to be precise for a 3 night/4 day excursion to get away from my job. This will be the second time I’m heading to this wonderful city. The last adventure, I had a ball trying all kinds of Chicago food staples such as the deep dish pizza and chicago style hot dog. Both were amazing but the best thing I ate over there was the italian beef sandwich. You can catch up on my Chicago dinning adventure from my first trip by clicking here.

So this time I thought what would I eat or do this time around? Well for starters we (as in my gf and I) are going back there by bus tour again…yes for less than $300 CDN you can hunker down for an 8 – 10 hours bus ride (oh but you get to stop off at outlet malls along the way), stay at a decent hotel near Michigan Mile for 3 nights and basically eat and shop till you drop. Not bad since the flight alone costs that price. Now there is just one caveat to this little deal that we found…it’s run by a Chinese tour company called Taipan Tours. No worries as they speak broken english and besides we just need to know where the pickup is and what time. The rest of the time we get to roam the streets of Chi-town like Bud and Kelly Bundy from Married With Children (that’s where the fountain from the TV show was filmed)! Well let’s get back to what to try this time around. I found a famous bar called the Billy Goat Tavern and they specialize in making these “cheezborgers” that was once a famous Saturday Night Live skit. Definitely gonna check that out! Can’t wait! We already did the usual tourist traps on our last trip here in 2011, which I’ll repost later but for now we will try new and different things that I didnt get to do the last time. Stay tuned…


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