Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | July 19, 2012

Night It Out! Markham Night Street Market

When I returned from my recent trip to Taiwan/Hong Kong I noticed a strange feeling that overcame me the moment I arrived back in Toronto…I got the holiday blues and I started to miss the tastes and sounds of the street markets that I would visit almost every night over there. I loved the variety of food stalls that those night markets would bring and I craved those amazing tastes. Well when I found out about this Night It Out! street market that was happening in Markham over the weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to see and especially taste if it could capture that same feeling of those markets in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Surprisingly and unfortunately the smell was captured real well, as the pungent smell of stinky tofu permeated the air. I didn’t really miss that but it sure brought me back to the moment when I first tried it in Taiwan. As I was greeted at the entrance of the market with shouts of vendors promoting the fantastic flavours of the Taiwanese style deep-fried chicken I smiled and thought I’m home! Kudos to the vendor as the chicken was amazing and they managed to capture that distinct flavour of the crispy fried chicken from Taiwan. As I was wandering around I could see all kinds of vendors and I actually found a couple of stalls that I didn’t see in asia. It was a place that served mangos on a stick that they carved into a flower and a fruit joint that would hollow out watermelons and pineapples to hold a blended mix of fruit juice and crushed ice. The fruit was ripe and flavourful and totally original! I also saw a taco stand that served korean style bulgogi meat and kimchi in a soft taco or succulent lamb kabob on metal rods. Apparently it cooks better as the rods heat the meat from the insides and those were delish!

Well I knew it wouldn’t be exactly like asia but for one day it sure felt and tasted like it! I hope they bring this market back cause it sure was fun to attend.


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