Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | June 22, 2012

Jyunbugspeaks in Taiwan: Wacky wonderful foods of Taiwan pt.2 – Perfume Dance Cafe

As my adventures in Taiwan continued, I tried to explore many different places (Kaohsiung, Jioufen and Pingshi) as well as taste as many different types of foods (Modern Toilet, stinky tofu and night market stalls) that the city offers and I seem to have stumbled upon another gem! Not one to back down from anything that was fun, cool or unusual. This unique place was called Perfume Dance?! (located between Zhong Xiao Fu-Hsing and Zhong Xiao Dun-Hua MRT station).  Yes once again the asian culture has named a place that defies logic and sentence structure.  When I first heard about this place I thought it was a dance studio but low and behold it was a cafe and a very popular one to boot!  Why was this place so busy? Apparently it has to do with their signature dish called Honey Brick Toast. Remember that name because this unique creation may possibly be arriving in your city in some form or another. It had already arrived in Toronto, Canada and apparently it existed way before my trip (but I’ll get to that later on in my blog).

What exactly is Honey Brick Toast you say? Well it is what is says it is. The bread is baked in a square shape which is common in most parts of asia.  Next they hollow out the “brick” and replace the insides with cubes that are lightly toasted and caramelized with either sugar or honey. Then they layer on ice cream, fresh fruit, drizzle liquid chocolate and whipped cream and dress it all on a fancy plate and voila…Honey Brick Toast!

Let me tell you it sounds weird but it looks like a work of art and tastes totally amazing! Who knew bread could taste so good! They also have other versions of this dish like cubed pieces of bread (giant croutons?!) that are drizzled with liquid chocolate and cream called French Honey Toast as well as a pastry style bread that has creamy custard in the inside, that one was my girlfriend’s favourite. I preferred the chocolate cubes and cream. Either way be prepared for a sugar high to the max!

The atmosphere is slightly noisy with the chatter of ladies gossiping about their daily lives during tea time and it seems that the servers (mostly men) are all dressed up in a combination suit/porter outfits and the female servers wore cute maid uniforms . This cafe also serves other dishes of the savoury kind, the usual mains of pasta and rice combined with either chicken, fish and beef but we were here for the dessert and specialty teas and coffees. The decor was very dainty looking and very clean with white table napkins and good silverware. Made me feel like I was having high tea at a quaint British tea party that was served by the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Flash forward and now we back in Toronto, my gf and I are at our favourite internet/dessert cafe called Lohas Cafe (3235 Hwy 7  Unionville, ON L3R 0J5  (905) 604-6669) up by Richmond Hill in a mall called First Markham Place last week. When we opened the menu…surprise there it was on the last page with a 20 minute baking time, Brick Toast. We though wow this is great, we can get our fix of  Honey Brick Toast in Toronto! The euphoria was short lived unfortunately as the Toronto version was not even close to the taste or texture of the original in Taiwan. What a disappointment. Even the artful presentation of the dessert was not quite the same and to make matters worse, the fruits were not fresh and they decorated the plate with marshmallows?! Gross. Sigh…oh well the search continues…

Overall I enjoyed Perfume Dance Cafe with its weird and unusual dessert offerings. I highly recommend a visit for their delicious honey brick toast. Next time I’ll try their main dishes and see if their savoury side is as outstanding as it’s dessert side. Note: make sure you call in for a reservation during tea time as it is next to impossible to grab a table.



Food: 4 out 5       Atmosphere: 3 out 5      Price: 3 out 5       Service: 5 out 5


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