Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | June 7, 2012

Jyunbugspeaks in Macau: Can I get some Portugese tarts, a crispy pork sandwich and a Sky Jump to go please!

My adventures have now taken me to Macau China! One of two special administration regions of the People’s Republic of China, the other being Hong Kong, this was the first time for me to see this unique territory which is located on the western side of the Pearl Delta River. It is across from Hong Kong which is to the east, bordering the Guangdong province to the north and facing the South China Sea to the east and south. Luckily for us it is easily reached by TurboJet boats that leaves Hong Kong harbor every 30 minutes. The travel time was about an hour-long, it felt longer as both my girlfriend and I are not sea dogs and the constant bobbing motion had us sea sick in minutes. Thank god for Gravol but we pretty much had our eyes closed for most of the trip. Whenever I did open my eyes all I could see was the sea. Nice but I needed to concentrate on not barfing so back to sleep I went.

A former portuguese colony during the 16th century this area is known for two things: gambling and tourism. I was here for the latter as gambling and I do not mix very well. So doing some research at our hotel before embarking, there were a few things I wanted to check out. Another good thing about Macau was that because it was so close we could arrive in the morning and leave by night fall, which we did. No need to spend extra money on a casino hotel when all you need is some free time for a day trip. Traveling tip: you must bring your passport and go through border customs.

Now Macau is not really known for their culinary delights but there were a few things that caught my eye. One was the Portuguese tart and the other is the crispy pork

sandwich. Both are very tasty and uniquely Portuguese. All went well together with an ice cold coffee drink that mixes condensed milk, black coffee and instant coffee grinds?! I know wtf but it was really good! Apparently there is a back story to the famous Portuguese tart in Macau, I’ll give you the short and gossip version. There are many locations that sell these tarts but there really are only two places you should be concerned with. Legend says that Lord Stow’s Bakery and Cafe creator, Andrew Stow created this awesome and wonderous tart, married Margaret Wong and became rich and famous. Marriage failed and now ex-wife took (created, not sure which) her recipe and opened up a cafe of her own called Margaret’s Cafe e Nata that also sells the equally famous tarts. Now I had both …and this is my opinion only but the dude has the better tasting tart. It was sweeter and flakier than Margaret’s but hey go visit Macau and you be the judge.

I can’t believe I did it!

Well let’s see what else we had in store. First I wanted to check out this place called the Macau Tower. Now earlier in the year I followed a blog by a person named Lesley Carter (hey hey Lesley I did it!) and she did this awesome bucket list moment by jumping off a tower in Las Vegas which was similar to the one in Macau. Sure enough there it was! It was called the AJ Hackett Sky Jump. An unbelievable 233 meter drop straight down with nothing but a cord and a device called a decelerator to stop me from utter doom. I had to do this because well…I said I was going to do this to Lesley and my friends so I had too! Well looking from the base of the tower I was fine with it. However once we went up the 233 meters to the jump platform, I began to sweat profusely. I started to get those weird butterflies in the pit of my stomach and self doubt started to creep into my head. Should I or shouldn’t I? It didn’t help that my girlfriend and her friends kept asking me if I was ready…that got me even more nervous. NEVER ASK A JUMPER IF THEY ARE READY. We are always ready!  After signing my life away, I was led to the harness area where a tiny young lady proceed to strap me in with great force! I was grimacing but she just said “would you prefer it loose?” Ah no go ahead and crush my balls please. Anyways I was strapped in looking good with my new t-shirt which they gave me as part of the package and wearing a nervous smile on my face, we walked over the jump zone. As we were walking over I noticed that were was a crowd forming around the jump platform. Since I was the first jump of the day (luckily my slot was moved up due to the pending bad weather that was coming) people were gathering and taking pictures of me, I guess they wanted to see if I would jump or bail. Once the outer doors opened to the jump gate I could feel the hot air hit my face and I was getting so nervous that my smile looked funny. It’s that uncomfortable smile you give when you know it won’t feel/taste good but you don’t want to insult the person who’s giving it to you. They captured my every move and reaction with photos and a video and you can see the fear in my face. Frame 3 shows it best…my face was saying “what the hell am I doing?”

Kudos to the jump crew as they did their best in distracting me from my impending death…er jump. I heard the instructor bark out the safety procedures but all I could remember was to clasp my hands together and on the count of 3 to step off and drop. Well it was now or never. I had a million things running through my head but what stop me in my thoughts was…when I am I ever going to do this again? This was a once in a lifetime moment and I would regret it if I backed out now. So I thought screw it and I jumped. The next moment I felt was weightlessness and then pure adrenaline rush. After swearing half way down, everything went quiet (weird as I was plummeting at 75 km/hr) I took in the surrounding area, the water, the buildings, the people and cars and thought this is soooo amazing! What a view! Then as quickly as it took to take that leap I was being decelerated and gently stopping one foot off  the air mattress at the bottom. I did it. I survived the Macau Tower Sky Jump. Amen to that! Would I do it again….hell ya, next time bungy jump!


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