Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | May 17, 2012

Jyunbugspeaks in Hong Kong: Let’s Goto Ocean Park!

Well I’ve finally managed to get myself to Ocean Park Hong Kong and well it was not too bad. Again this oppressive heat in the month of May is killing my excitement whenever I venture outside. Today was no exception as the temperature soared in the high 30’s! Our day started with some Starbucks as we didn’t have much time navigating the streets and menus of the Temple Street area in the morning. Apparently we had to get to the park early in order to beat the masses so a couple of lattes and breakfast sandwiches later we were on our way to MTR Admiralty to catch the Ocean Park Express.

We also grabbed our admission tickets at a local 7-11 right inside the bus terminal which was convenient. There was a massive line up at the gates so that helped in getting in quicker and we tried to make a beeline for the biggest roller coaster in the park. One problem, there was so many interesting things to see like the synchronized water show, the gigantic aquarium or the majestic scenery of the mountains that we ended up taking our time to explore the park. One amazing way to see the entire park and surrounding area is by the cable car that runs the entire length of the complex. The view on that cable car was breath-taking as I saw the ocean and the vast mountains surrounding the park. The cable car hugs the coast while traveling up and over a mountain top and reaches the summit in approximately 15 minutes. There is a shuttle train called the Ocean Express for people who are afraid of heights, cough my girlfriend cough, which is not nearly as exciting but does the job.



The park is split into two areas called The Waterfront and The Summit. The Waterfront area showcased The Grand Aquarium, panda exhibits and The Aqua Lagoon.


Also new this year and to coincide with the park’s 35th anniversary was a section of the park called Old Hong Kong. The streets were lined with houses and shops to mimic the 50’s including rick shaws, an old style movie theater, double-decker buses and even the buildings had clothes hanging off the balconies.



After exploring all of The Waterfront we headed up to The Summit area which consisted of the majority of the park’s amusement roller coasters and rides. First up was the Hair Raiser. This was the park’s big coaster and top dog. Well I can say that Wonderland or Six Flags does not have to worry…at all. This ride has its moments but is pretty tame in the thrill department unfortunately. I give it a 6/10.

Thankfully we were there so early that I got to ride pretty much all the rides without any queuing at all. Which was good cause I would be disappointed if I had to wait for more than 10 minutes for any of them.




After wolfing down some park grub which I do not recommend but since we were there for over 5 hours we had to eat something. Try McD’s at least your taste buds will know what you’re getting cause what we had didn’t warrant any photos, just strange looks on our faces. After partaking in the majority of rides we hunkered down at the Ocean Theater to watch the dolphins and seals go at it. Plus our feet were killing us and we needed a break. The theme of the show was about preserving the ocean. It had a good message and everything but you may find it kinda cheesy with the horrible acting but at least the dolphins and seals performed amazingly. Besides it was the breath-taking view of the ocean that caught my attention.




After all the hype about this place I can honestly say I had a good time. Would I go again, probably not but at least I can say that I did and that’s what counts. Things I’ve wanted to do in Hong Kong: Ocean Park, check.



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