Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | May 14, 2012

Jyunbugspeaks in Taiwan: Wacky wonderful foods of Taiwan: Modern Toilet

Made the Top 10 places to eat before you die!

Now that I’m back in the T-dot, I had some time to go over my photos and kinda re-live my adventures once more. Looking back I have to mention one of the strangest restaurants I’ve ever visited. The place was called Modern Toilet (Simending Modern Toilet restaurant : 2F, No 7, Lane 50, Xi-Ning South Road, Taipei Taiwan.Tel:(02)23118822). Now don’t get turned off by the name of the restaurant, yes the restaurant has replaced tables and chairs with bathtubs and toilet seats and yes they seem to have a fascination with poo shaped dishes but rest assured, I can safely say that it was clean, tasty and frankly quite modern. We all arrived around dinner time and the place was hopping with like-minded tourists and locals. We were seated at a table/tub for 4 and we started to ordered our food, I chose the sumptuous beef curry.

Mmmm beef curry!

However I did not realize that they served my piping hot BROWN curry in a plastic training toilet made for a 2-year-old.  All I could do was laugh. Not too appetizing but hell you only live once, right? Besides the food wasn’t so bad. I also got my rose flavoured drink in a collectors bed ban container, I kid you not! My girlfriend had a seafood bowl complete with her own mini baby blue toilet. Hilarious, what a way to capture the under the sea theme. She said it was okay but knowing her that’s a pretty good endorsement. Our gracious hosts/tour guides, Angela got the same seafood bowl as my gf and her husband picked out an Alfredo linguine dish on a toilet seat shaped plate. Not too exciting but I think he went with taste more than the look. After laughing and eating our meal we finally got to the dessert and lo and behold it was the best looking dessert I’ve seen in a while. Poo shaped chocolate ice cream in an old squat style toilet. Classic! Again I could not stop smiling and laughing at this place.

It’s not every day your dessert looks like a bowel movement!

What can I say about this place other than it has to be visited to be believed. Did you know that this restaurant is on a Top 10 list of crazy restaurants to visit before you die! Well check this off the bucket list! Overall the atmosphere is great, the food is okay but what do you expect from these touristy kinds of places. It’s not Butao (See Jyunbugspeaks in Hong Kong: East meets West…and then some) but it makes up for it with creativity and sheer fun factor! If you’re ever in Taiwan, check it out and you won’t be disappointed…unless you expect a Michelin star restaurant but those you can eat in your own town. This place is something you can tell your kids about AND keep them riveted. Bonus, you can slip your napkin between the table top and tub with messages on it.

I hope someone reads my napkin and responds!

My collectors bed pan!

Even the tea comes in a tiny toilet.

I loves my poo!

Food:  3 out 5    Atmosphere: 4 out of 5     Service: 4 out of 5      Price: 3 out of 5


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