Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | May 10, 2012

Jyunbugspeaks in Hong Kong: Crossing the Victoria Harbour via the Star Ferry

Well I finally got to cross a goal of mine off my bucket list and that was to cross the Victoria Harbour on the world-famous ferry ride called the Star Ferry. As the modern world spreads across this ever growing metropolis with its maze of transit and endless subway tunnels to guide the millions of Hong Kong people, it’s always good to see that the simple boat ride is still alive and kicking…for now.


Sadly I was told that this mode of transportation, built in 1888 may slowly become obsolete as more and more commuters are sticking with the modern, super clean and air conditioned MTR subway system.

I can see why commuters are choosing this mode of transportation over buses, street cars, cabs or ferry rides. Especially in the summer months…IT HAS AIR CONDITIONING!!! Oh it’s efficient, ultra clean and super easy to navigate blah blah blah…did I mention it has A/C! All kidding aside, what’s even better is that is very cheap, average ride costs 3.8 HK dollars, that’s around 50 cents CAN. Want to be even more efficient? Use the multi-purpose Octopuss Card. This card is your everything-you-need-all-in-one that is your metro pass, convenient store, fast food and drugstore purchasing card. Plop some cash into it at any 7-11 or subway fill up stations and away you go! Use it anywhere and everywhere, so convenient!
MTR fun fact: there are FREE Internet terminals at EVERY MTR station!

Even with all the convenience that the MTR offers you still can’t beat the the view that the Star Ferry offers at night…breath-taking.


Unfortunately no A/C…just a fan to beat the heat in May. Next up…The Peak!



  1. Isn’t the Star Ferry crossing just awesome?! We found ourselves doing it numerous times a day when in Hong Kong because its just so convenient – and the views are beautiful! A real icon of HK 🙂

    • I know! My girlfriend and I ended our trip by crossing the HK harbour by the ferry. It gives us time to enjoy the view but also sit down, relax and absorb all the fun and exciting things we did on our trip. We also timed a night ride with the laser light show that comes on everyday at 8pm. Now that’s awesome : )

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