Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | May 9, 2012

Jyunbugspeaks in Hong Kong: I’ve arrived in style at The Eaton Hotel HK

My adventures in Hong Kong has begun and what better way to arrive than in comfort and style at The Eaton Hotel Hong Kong! Now this will be my 3rd visit to this amazing city but my first at this hotel. Located at the corner of Nathan Road and Gascoigne Road this mammoth hotel has 21 floors and houses several restaurants at the lower level. Now I wasn’t expecting a huge room as we are in Hong Kong and square feet is at a premium around here. As you can see it’s not too big but also not too small, beside all we care is that it is clean, has a window and A/C. I’m happy to say all are there and then some. Our view is awesome, even from our elevator!



Our room is small compared to other hotels in North America but like I said space is a premium here. Either way we plan on not staying in our room other than to sleep and shower. However I do plan on taking advantage of the amenities that they offer like their pool and gym facilities located on the roof top of this hotel. I just took a swim tonight and it was refreshing as it is quite humid but the pool water kept me quite cool. Also no one was there so I got to swim in private and enjoy floating in the water in peace and quiet above the clamor of the city below. So relaxing!




The place is quite nice and the location is great with everything close by. Nathan road is located in front of the hotel and is considered the most recognized street in Hong Kong. This neon laced street is one on the longest and busiest in this city as it extends from our hotel all the way down to Victoria harbor. That is where we are headed tomorrow to ride the famous Star Ferry to Central…until then stay tuned.


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