Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | April 30, 2012

Jyunbugspeaks in Taiwan: Exploring Kaohsiung, Zuoying

We are exploring outside the city again, this time we are traveling to Kaohsiung, Zuoying. This city is located around the southern tip of Taiwan and we are traveling there by the Taiwanese High Speed Rail. This bullet train is hurtling us to the city at 300km/hr and we should reach our destination in one hour. I was warned that temperatures in that part of Taiwan can reach 35+ degrees! Ouch! I hope I brought some sun screen. I wanted to take a picture of the front of the train however we apparently boarded the wrong train and our friend Angela panicked and we scrambled a la Amazing Race trying to get to the proper train. Luckily we made it just in time.

As we travelled across Taiwan I noticed that the weather kept changing every 20 minutes! It would rain hard then switch to sunny and then back again. I was told that it is the rainy season and these flash rain showers was normal. Once we arrived in Kaohsiung we were greeted with a blast of hot air as soon as we stepped off the train. Roger wasn’t kidding, it is extremely hot and humid here.


After we checked into the Harmony Hotel we jumped into a cab and made our way to the coastline to see the ocean and take a view of the area from high up the side of a fortress.


After cooling off with a local treat called crushed ice. Basically it’s a block of ice thats put into a machine and then crushed into tiny pieces. The ice is scooped up and placed in a bowl and then a layer of liquid brown sugar is added for a touch of sweetness. Finally a pile of fresh fruit is placed on top to crown this cool and refreshing dessert.

Crushed ice at a local ice bar

Next up lunch time! Here’s the thing with Taiwanese people, they love to snack hard core! I have been snacking ever since I got off the plane from Toronto. Over here in Kaohsiung they are king when concerning seafood. They eat all day and it is ultra fresh, what does that mean you say? It is alive just BEFORE you eat. Its squirming and boom they plop it on the grill. I’ll save you the shot of the squid squirming but here’s the after math. It looks weird but man, it tastes sooo good! There are so many stalls and they serve all kinds of seafood it’s mind boggling what can come out of the ocean let alone eat it.






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