Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | November 1, 2011

100 days are done!

Finally the 100th day has approached and what can I say…mission NOT QUITE accomplished.  Well, I tried my best but I failed in completing all of my goals for the 3 months that I set at the beginning of August.  Actually technically I only accomplished 2 out of the 5. Let’s review shall we?

Goal #1: Learn the nunchuks. I started strong on this one but faded in the end as I got several videos of me trying to master the moves. I’ll get it edited and put into one video sequence and you all can have a laugh later. I even got proper training nunchuks and watched countless YouTube videos of everyone from a 10 yr old kid to a super swinging nunchuk lady named Bedard, who I tried to emulate but failed miserably. You can be the judge if you think I learned anything or not. I think I succeeded lol!

Goal #2: Learn Cantonese. Okay this one I didn’t give it a chance. I learned some words but not complete sentences. My goal was to learn 25 sentences but all I managed to accomplish was I had a waitress teach me to say milk tea and chicken wings when I went to a HK style diner up north. Failed.

Goal #3: Learn To Cook: I didn’t get to 10 recipes, which was my goal but I did manage to make 3. The Chocolate Coconut Macaroons was a success! I also made Veggie Lasagna and Chocolate chip cookies when I went up to Collingwood for my gf’s birthday weekend. Our condo had a full kitchen which I took full advantage of and we baked whenever we could.  The lasagna was great and the cookies were tasty! Partial Success.

Goal #4: Learn to Drive Standard. This one was tough one. I had several people offer their vehicles as guinea pigs but I kinda felt bad that I could possibly destroy their gear box, so I opted not to pursue this one.  Failed.

Goal #5: Learn to Master the Internet’s Social Media Platforms. Now this goal was my most successful (thank you Randy for your help in getting me started with WordPress). I truly enjoyed setting up and developing my very own blog and I think accomplishing this goal will help me in the future as this platform is perfect  in getting out my message that setting goals is something that everyone should try, pursue and accomplish.  Goals for me, create a small moment that I can look back and say “yes, I did that” and feel that my year hasn’t been wasted with nothing to be proud of or happy about.

I can now take these challenges and keep going. Why stop at 100 days?  I plan on cooking for our Projectionist’s Xmas Party and I’ll be getting my ‘chuk on every other day as it’s a great upper body workout.  I’ve also started working on my 2012 goals but that’s another blog. I would like to thank everyone who read my blogs, much appreciated and look forward to your comments in the future. Till the next 100 day challenge. Cheers!


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