Posted by: jyunbugspeaks | September 1, 2011

Epic Burger Time at the Ex!

I have kind of veered off on my 100 day challenge a little but I did reach one of my food goals of mine this year…and this blog is all about reaching goals, right!So yesterday I went to the Ex and tried not one but two extreme epic burgers. One was called the Behemoth and the other The Crispy Creme Burger. Now for those who haven’t been watching Man vs. Food or the news, these epic burgers have one thing in common…tons of calories – 1500 calories each but that’s where the comparisons end. Now I can hear the gasps and groans but just for the record, I split both burgers with a friend so technically I only ate one burger (relax doc!).  Now lets start with the better tasting one, the Behemoth Burger. This sucker came with an 8 oz burger which is sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches!! James and I had added lettuce, tomato, ketchup (which was free), a fried egg and 2 strips of bacon ($1 each) for a total cost of $12. Now I have to be honest, I was a little hesitant when I bit into the burger but once you overcome thought of the egg, bacon and grilled cheese I was pleasantly surprised….it tasted awesome! The cheese from the grilled sandwich was gooey and tasty plus the bacon and egg actually complimented the burger and kinda made it taste like a breakfast sandwich.  I polished my half of the burger in 5 minutes.  James and I highly recommend that one if you want to say “I’ve eaten an extreme burger and survived”. 

Now lets move onto The Crispy Creme Donut. I’m not sure why I tried to press my luck and try this one but I guess the extreme challenge in my gut caused me to over ride my brain and attempt to eat this slimy suuuuuuuper sweet poor excuse for a burger. NEVER AGAIN. Well I knew that this burger was not gonna be pretty the moment I opened the wrapper. The best way to describe what I saw would be a hamburger with icing sugar all over the bun, burger and bacon. Oh we added bacon ($1) to combat the super sweetness but even that failed. Thank god we bypassed the lettuce, tomato, egg and condiments (good call James) on this burger. All I could taste was the donut and icing sugar…terrible and disgusting which I felt we wasted $10 however James felt otherwise and ate his half like it was a regular whopper. I felt sick afterwards but I managed to hold everything in though. Luckily the bright flashing lights of the CNE grounds distracted my mind from what I just consumed.

Well to summarize in a few words at the end, Behemoth yum…Crispy Creme no! Enjoy the rest of the EX and Happy Labour Day!



  1. Hey Jyun,

    I think your next goal should be to have a triple bypass. 🙂 You should have a monthly section on your blog titled: Jyun vs Food ………..and for the record, food won.


    • haha I like that idea! Okay food won the first time but my next one will be poutine at Smokes’s Poutinerie. Are you in?

  2. wow, that`s a crazy burger! I wonder if they had a deep fried coke sauce to eat with that burger! haha just kidding!

    • Actually they did have deep fried kool-aid (no joking) but I didn’t push my luck lol.

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